Massage & Skin

Experience Aveda massage therapy that fits your lifestyle.

Massage services are offered:

Monday 4-7pm
Tuesday 1-8pm
Wednesday 2-8pm
Thursday 4-8pm
Friday 10-7pm
Saturday 9-4pm

Couples massages are available upon request on Saturdays.


Elemental Nature™ Massage
$60|50 min
$85|80 min
$115|110 min
A personalized massage experience based upon the Aveda Elemental Nature™ philosophy and your favorite Aveda aromas. Depending on your needs, a variety of massage techniques will be utilized.
Deep Tissue Massage
$75|50 min
$100|80 min
$130|110 min
For those who seek deeper pressure with profound, lasting effects. This powerful full body massage is designed to work on tight, sore and fatigued muscles and joints; for chronic pain and limited range of motion.The benefits can include: repair muscles, promote sleep, improve joint mobility and range of motion, help to change habitual postural and movement patterns, decrease chronic pain and stiffness, improve circulation, improve body movement, and postural awareness. This massage may include stretching, firm strokes and deep pressure point work. For the athlete, those starting on a fitness journey, or the massage connoisseur.
Sports Massage
Whether you are a dedicated athlete, working toward fitness goals, or a weekend warrior, sports massage can help with both your performance as well as recovery time. This modality includes movement focused massage techniques to increase circulation, joint mobility and stability. Active and passive assisted stretches, combined with the use of heat as well as deep release and balancing techniques may be added to aid in overall flexibility and balance.Your massage therapist will discuss your goals in your training as well as your issues or concerns so that your session can be tailored to meet your training and or pre/post event needs.
Hot Stone Massage
$75|50 min
$100|80 min
Experience this unique sensation of ultra smooth stones and therapeutic touch while heat deeply penetrates the muscle and eases you into a complete state of deep relaxation. By combining warm stones and massage, this treatment balances energy through the mind/body connection.
Grounding Massage
$35|30 min
$60|50 min
Enjoy this rejuvenating foot massage using Ayurveda techniques on reflex points in the feet to balance, relax and stimulate the corresponding organs or tissue of the body. This helps relieve stress and illness by breaking up congestion, promoting circulation, and dissolving blocked energy.
Ashiatsu Massage
This luxurious, relaxing massage uses a barefoot technique. Your massage therapist uses bars above the bed for support and balance while using deep compression foot strokes that glide over the body. After several treatments, this technique will improve your posture and movement while relieving pain, improving bodily functions and create a state of well-being.
Chakra Balancing Massage
$75|50 min
$100|80 min
Find your balance with the new Chakra Balancing Massage- grounded in Ayurveda - the ancient healing art of India. An innovative treatment that focuses on centering of the chakras using a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, chakra reflexology massage for the feet, and energy work for each of the chakras.
Bamboo Massage
Increase circulation, relieve sore muscles and promote a deep state of relaxation with our newest massage. Warmed bamboo rolls, kneads and relaxes muscles with deep tissue techniques.
Prenatal Massage
Enjoy a full body massage that eases aches, reduces fatigue, improves skin elasticity, reduces swelling, and lessens anxiety. For women in their second or third trimesters. *High-risk pregnancy/medical complications should consult with a physician before massage.
Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Using warm pure essential oils, this massage rebalances and opens energy blockages while soothing the scalp and hair, awakens the senses, heals and repairs as calm envelops. This ritual enhances the body’s natural healing capabilities, addresses tight scalps, tension headaches and neck stiffness.

This service is also offered with a shampoo and blowdry finish for $75.
Shiatsu Massage
$75|50 min
$95|80 min
Shiatsu, not being the same as Ashiatsu is a Japanese based massage that focuses on using deep pressure and works along the body's meridians.

Spa Packages

Relax at the Spa
• 50-minute personalized Massage
• 30-minute Facial
• Aveda Elemental Nature℠ Manicure
Renew Your Body, Spirit and Mind
• Our signature Grounding Massage (features Ayurvedic massage techniques on reflex points in the feet to rebalance and enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities)
• 30-minute Perfecting Plant Peel Facial
• 45-minute Scalp Massage
• Shampoo and Blowout
Day at the Spa
• 50-minute personalized Massage
• 30-minute exfoliating Lavender Salt Scrub
• 30-minute Aveda Elemental Nature℠ Facial
• Spa Manicure & Pedicure which includes filing and trimming of the nails and cuticles, hand and arm exfoliation treatment and hydrating massage along with a complete polish of the nails.
Plus, lunch is on us!
Trip Around the Spa
Take the ultimate trip around our spa! This spa package is inspired by our service providers and our guests many travels! Some of these services are from spas near and far, and we have brought them back to treat you! Be ready to take this wonderful trip starting with a sensory journey followed by these services: 15minute seated chair massage, 15minute Perfecting Plant Peel, 15minute Energizing Eye Treatment, 15minute scalp, neck and shoulder massage, 15minute hand and arm massage with stretching, 15minute Grounding Foot Massage on reflex points. This package is performed in our spa room in our seated massage chair and then on our spa bed by one service provider. There will be candles, warm towels, a bed warmer and relaxing music.You most definitely will be in a relaxed environment for the duration of your 1hr 45min trip. Bon Voyage!
Half Day at the Spa - with Manicure
Enjoy an 50-minute massage, 30-minute sea salt body scrub, and a 501 Spa manicure!
Half Day at the Spa - with Pedicure
Enjoy a 50-minute massage, 30-minute Lavender salt scrub and a 501 Spa Pedicure
Experience this aromatherapy journey with a 30-minute Sea Salt Scrub, Stress-Fix Manicure and Stress-Fix Pedicure!

Body Treatment

Lavender Salt Scrub
Exfoliate, detox and polish your body with our Lavender Body Scrub. This scrub exfoliates with sugar and salt infused with aroma clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress. The aroma includes essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using the science of aromaology and the power of pure essential oils.


Elemental Nature℠ Facial
$35|30 min
$70|50 min
$95|80 min
A personalized facial experience based upon the Aveda Elemental Nature™ philosophy and your favorite Aveda aromas. Each facial comes with a skin analysis, deep cleansing and exfoliation. Depending on your needs, your professional will select the right Aveda skincare system specifically for you.
Perfecting Plant Peel
Aveda’s natural approach to microdermabrasion. This service can be added to your facial or any other service.
Dual Exfoliating Treatment™ Facial
$85 | 50 min
Reveal fresher, younger-looking skin with AVEDA’s latest advancement in non-invasive, skin-renewing treatment transforms the skin through the process of dual exfoliation. This active treatment combines AVEDA’s naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service leaving improved texture, clarity, and radiance.
Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Treatment
$35 | 30 min
See your eyes come alive with this 30-minute treatment that incorporates the vital energy of plants, and massage movements inspired by ancient healing. Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme™, with licorice root and coffee bean extracts, revitalizes eyes by helping diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness.
Back Facial
Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back, this treatment will focus on cleansing skin exfoliation, gentle back massage and masque therapy.

*Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to begin your experience.